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The new Tumblr - 2011.06.30

I like the new Tumblr app. Crisp and clean and no caffeine. Okay, it’s not 7Up, but it’s nice.

Other things I like: 1. My kid wants to go to prom looking like she slept in her dress. 2. My other kid wants to go to football practice in a polo shirt without a jock. I don’t like that as much because I do want grandkids one day, but, hey, I can’t strip him down and make his wear it. 3. Baby Boy got the best report card ever. 4. It’s a long weekend!!!

Happy Dominion Day to my fellow Canadians!!! By now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in our nation’s capital grazing on buffalo burgers at Rideau Hall. Yeah, Canada!

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The Man from Beijing

I’ve never read a Wallander mystery.  That’s going to change this summer.  Last week, when I really needed a mystery fix, all I could quickly lay my hands on was an ecopy of The Man from Beijing by Henning Mankell, the author best known for the Wallander series.

You have to love a book that starts with 18 mutilated corpses (and a spare), a judge bored with her life, a Chinese businessman trying to buck the Communist system in a one-man-band way and all sorts of police investigators who have just too many cases to work on at the same time while being told by their superiors to be nice to reporters and the public.

This reminded me of the Stieg Larsson Millenium Trilogy.  Rather talky in some places.  Very introspective.  Occasionally just a mite slow as it leads up to something nasty. 

This was a good book.  I zipped through it in a matter of days in my really quite spare times.  Now I’m going to get set to read a Wallander.

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Topsy Turvy - 2011.04.27

This movie never gets old. The music is the very best and the sets are the astounding! The scene where both a female actor and a male actor complain that kimonos don’t allow for corsets is priceless. Have a peek if your getting into royal wedding mode. If not, watch it to see Jim Broadbent before he was all that.

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There’s an App for That - 2011.04.09

It has only taken me about six months to figure it out, but there’s a Tumblr app for my ipad. Well, duh. Never quick on the uptake, me. That will make EVERYTHING easier since the web interface is rather fussy. Yeah for me, I guess. (*For those who saw this originally, it’s clear I’m haveing speling dificalteez).

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The King’s Speech - 2001.03.21

No, not the movie. The book written alonside the movie by Mark Logue, a grandson to Lionel Logue, the speech therapist to King George VI before, during and after WWII.

There are some lovely pictures in the book and the story is quite different, quite naturally, from what is shown in the movie. The public image of the King is partly due to the work Logue did with him and the story deserves to be told.

The book is quite good. It’s not a great biography or anything of the sort, but an interesting story and an interesting look into royal life before WWII. I was reminded how private life at Buckingham Palace seemed for the royal family then as compared to the lives its members seem to live in the present day. Back then, they guarded their privacy, unlike today when they appear to try to bank on publicity for the sake of the cult of their own personality. I’m not sure I want to know everything about William and Kate they’re printing. I probably didn’t want to know everything about Diana and Charles they printed either.

For some reason, I don’t see the sense of duty in the actions of modern royalty that I felt in reading The King’s Speech. The King WORKED at overcoming his stutter so that he would be seen by his people as being worthy of being king. I’m not sure what Charles works at, but he doesn’t seem to give a toss about what his people think. God only knows that these royals seem to the source of their own malcontent. The King was capable of gratitude, something that is quite totally missing from our current royals. I believe their sense of entitlement would astound the old King.

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Fool - 2011.03.19

Just finished reading “Fool” by Christopher Moore. It’s not a new book, having been published in the recent past (i.e. after 2000), but it’s a great mess of a tale.

Good News: You don’t have to know the story of King Lear to enjoy the book. All you need to know is that it’s quite different in some ways.

Bad news: It’s awfully funny. Wait! That’s good news.

Heck, there’s nothing bad about this book. Read it and laugh out loud like I did. It’s really, really well written with no loose ends. There are lots of loose things in this novel, but ends aren’t among them.

Spoiler: No dragons here.

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NY Times Food Section - 2011.03.18

I love a good food column and the NY Times has always answered the call. Too bad about the rest of the paper. Regardless, this latest one, D.I.Y. Cookbook (click on the title, above, to link), is really amazing. I want to make easily half of the recipes in the list. Maybe not the tomato jam or the kimchi, but definitely the home-made Nutella and the vin d’orange. And maybe the Tesa. Just maybe.

I have to try the creme fraiche since sour cream does such a thing to my gut due to lactose intolerance. I can live without the ice cream, but the loss of sour cream is hard to bear. And the corn muffin mix too. All in all, an excellent effort!

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TV Thursday - 17 Mar 11

We’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy. After the Sopranos and Deadwood and Six Feet Under, the Bear and I thought there was no more room on broadcast TV for good TV because there was no real swearing and no real nudity and no real violence and… well, none of the good stuff you watch TV for.

Then come the Sons. Broadcast originally on FX, we picked up Season 1 on video for the Bear’s birthday last week. After two episodes of that, I want to put on sleeveless leather over my daisy maes and tank top and hit the road on two wheels.

Best thing about the Sons of Anarchy: Charlie Hunnam. From freakin’ Newcastle! Can you believe it? That smile is all cutie blue eyes. When he smiles. Because being a Son is downright serious.

Best best thing about the Sons: Katey Sagal. Holy cow! Why didn’t they cast her in Chicago Code instead of Jennifer Beals?

Just for the record, that’s what 56 years old looks like. That woman is a wonder. So is the show. Don’t miss it if you get it. If you don’t get it, find a copy on video. Totally worth it.

Warning to those with families: Not safe for family viewing or for the squeamish. Without giving anything away, the Sons have a thing about doing bad things to corpses.